Modern Science Laboratory Project

One of ACAEDF’s child development priority in education is Science Education and this is not far-fetched as it is important to national development, promotes responsible citizenship, improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking amongst others.

Presently, there is a lack of science laboratories in the public high schools here in Akwa-Ibom state, thus depriving the school children of practical science work and the benefits that come with learning the practical aspect of science. In today’s world, good science education cannot be complete without the actual practices of the classroom taught theories, which prompted the need to set up a modern science laboratory for the children here at our centre and other children living around our environment.

This project which covers Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Laboratories is aimed at producing the future generations of scientists who will practically solve problems using science. Since the completion of the project in April 2021, the children have had 45 science practical experiment sessions facilitated by the new Science Practical Instructor.

This amazing project was supported by Karan Tilani through Children Philanthropy, Singapore.

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