Children agro training

With support from Karan Tilani, World of Diamonds Group and Children Philanthropy, two children (Godwin & Sarah) at African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation who had developed an interest in agriculture got their dreams fulfilled when they began practical training lessons on tomatoes cultivation from December 2020 to April 2021.

Godwin and Sarah began with learning the techniques involved from preparing the seeds, getting the soil ready for the crop, to caring for the seedlings until they started germinating. The process continued till the germination took place 3 weeks later and the seedlings were transplanted to recycled bags with stands which they used as the final settlement for the germinated seedlings. About 3000 stands of tomatoes were ready to be watered, fertilized, and cared for for another 3 months till they fruited.

It was a joy observing the children alongside their trainer who together and collectively grew and successfully cultivated 3000 stands of tomatoes within a period of 4 months. The proceeds from the farm were used at the centre kitchen for meal preparations.

Hopefully in future, the tomatoes project can get a nod for export to Singapore.

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